Websites and Searchable Database Links

Some West Virginia State agency websites and databases perform better using Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) or Microsoft Edge as browsers

WV Insurance Commission:  Workers' Compensation Coverage Validation System (CVS) - click here to check companies for real time WC coverage status
Employer Violator System (EVS)- click here to check for companies in default to the State of WV for WC debt 

WV Division of Labor:  Oversees a myriad of labor rules and regs,  Searchable Contractors Licensing Table to see if a contractor is licensed; Responsible for Plumbing and Crane Certifications, Weights & Measures Division & Elevator Inspection.   Citizens can also file our automated Complaint Form:  Adobe Acrobat format of the DOL Complaint Form, otherwise known as "Request for Investigation Form".  A printable form to be filled out and faxed or mailed to the WV DOL

WV State Code All laws governing the society of our State

WV State Official Website:  Provides links to all State Agencies as well as all state services & explanations of both; email addresses for each Agency and their employees. The best place to start research on West Virginia issues.

WV State Legislature:  Provides Email addresses for all Delegates & State Senators, includes a listing of both and provides State Capitol as well as home addresses, phone numbers for their State Capitol and private business.  You'll also find Committee Assignments.  And this site includes all info about the Current Days Calendar,Committee meetings,etc.during the Session.    Provides a link to E-Mail Congress.

WV State Tax Department:  Download and print Apprenticeship Tax Credit Form - pdf document

WV State Purchasing Drug Free Affadavit:  link to print and/or fill out form

WV Asbestos Licensing:  List of contractors with a license to perform asbestos abatement

WV State Auditor:  Database of State Vendors

WV Highways Lettings:  DOH info on upcoming bid lettings; contractors; project descriptions; how to bid; how to prequalify etc. 

WV DOH Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Listing:  alpha listing of those companies certified as a DBE

West Virginia Corporations Secretary of State: Online database of corporations registered to do business in West Virginia. Also provides a method to search an Individual to see which companies they are affiliated with.

WV Purchasing Division:  Online database of contracts awarded organized by month and year.

WV Unemployment Defaults

Workers Compensation Default List:  table of companies in default of Workers Compensation payments 

Workers Compensation Employer Violator System:  database of companies and their owners who are in default for workers compensation.  The owners are supposed to be blocked from starting new companies until they get off this list. 

State of Maryland employer verification database.  Functions similarly to WV's workers comp database.

State of Kentucky employer verification database.

State of Kentucky have a Non-compliance Referral form that you can use to request an investigation

State of Pennsylvania employer verification database

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