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The International Brotherhood of Boilermakers, Iron Ship Builders, Blacksmiths, Forgers and Helpers, AFL-CIO. Commonly referred to as the
boilermakers Union, we are a diverse union representing over 100,000

union workers throughout the United States and Canada in construction, repair, maintenance, manufacturing, professional emergency medical services, and related industries.

Boilermakers Local Union 667
7023 Winfield Road
PO Box 876
Winfield, WV 25213-0876
Phone: 304-755-5611
Business Manager/Secretary Treasurer: Bruce Forshee
Email:  boilermaker667@frontier.com
Cell:  304-642-7717
Assistant Business Manager/Apprenticeship Coordinator:  Matthew Kennedy
Email:  boilermaker667@frontier.com
Cell:  304-206-1201
Assistant Business Agent:  Edwin Kirt Tabor
Email:  boilermaker667@frontier.com
Cell:  304-593-2093
Office Manager:  Dixie Gillenwater

Boilermakers invite you to consider:

What is a Boilermaker?  This question comes up often, and elicits numerous different answers. The fact is that the word has more than one definition. For example, a "boilermaker" might be-----

With its headquarters in Kansas City, Kansas, the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers unites over 250 local lodges throughout North America, providing numerous services for local lodges and individual members and uniting all our members in our common endeavor to improve the lives and lifestyles of our members.

"If you work for a living, we're working for you." ™ 

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